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Our Services

Get your business ahead of your competitors with our amazing SEO Service, our agency use only the most up to date strategy’s that will help you dominate the Search engines, increase your visibility, get targeted leads and boost your profit line.​

We specialise in building websites that look fantastic whilst being super optimized for SEO ranking and conversions. We incorporate the highest design concepts, on-page SEO, responsive design and customized to best represent your brand.

Want your company to reach 1000’s of new customers online? Then you need an effective social media strategy, our social media specialists will get your company exploding online to increase brand recognition and build your own tribe of loyal customers.

Who We Are

Doodle Digital Marketing is a small team of marketing experts; based in Brighton, UK. We have helped businesses all over the world grow their brands and boost their profits. We are primarily an SEO agency but with award winning designer talent in our ranks and social media specialists we are pleased to offer Web Design and Social Media Management.
We are focused on giving you results driven solutions and the best creative ideas to make your business a success.

What We Do

Internet marketing can include a board spectrum of different services; our agency’s main focus is Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Social Media solutions. Although our skilled team have a wide range of skills we are not a ‘jack of all trades’ we are masters at what we do.
We build brands, engineer the most up to date and cutting edge strategies for national, local and Ecommerce SEO, web development and design complete 360° social media solutions.

Who We Serve

Our client base ranges from small local business to large corporate businesses, non-profits, clubs, government organisations, and professionals.
Our headquarters are in Brighton, UK but we have clients from all over the world, there is no restriction on location in cyberspace.

We have had companies approach us to rank their social pages, Amazon listings, local events and we can cater for most requests, just ask.

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is a broad term that is used to cover all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses use many digital portals like Google, Bing, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks alongside their websites to connect with new, prospective and existing clients.
In essence, marketing is all about getting a connection with your target customer.
Why is it important?
Traditional media is dying, Print Ad’s, Radio, TV and classifieds worked well a decade ago but we now live in a digital age, people spend on average 6 hours a day online. If they need a service or product they grab their phone, tablet or laptop to solve their problems.
If your business does not have an effective online presence your customer will never know you exist.

Vital Statistics

In 2016 Businesses spent over $60 billion on search engine marketing, that figure is estimated to rise to over $80 billion by 2020.

​Companies also spent a whopping $322 billion to build brand awareness and a viable web presence.

Your company needs a strong online Brand or you will be left behind and lose access to the 3.4 billion consumers on the web.

The internet is used daily or almost daily by 82% of all adults, compared with 78% in 2015 and 35% in 2006. That’s nearly 8 out of every 10 adults!

The average internet user has 4-5 social accounts and spends between 1 ½ hours to 2 hours browsing them daily.

Total Ecom retail sales in 2016 (excluding travel, event tickets & restaurants) across the world was $1.9 trillion! This accounts for8.7% of the total worldwide spending and this is only set to rise in 2017.

Mobile commerce is on the rise with $31 billion spent with mobile traffic