My Journey to becoming a kick-ass SEO Consultant

my old shop

Picture the scene…. August 2013, we had just collected the keys to my new shop Baby Star. It had been a dream to open the best baby retail store in Hove, my partner and I sold our flat to help fund it.

​I was excited to be starting my new life as a shop keeper. We had researched the location, the footfall and the customer base, everything was perfect.
We opened the doors in October 2013 just in time for the Christmas rush, it was ok, we didn’t take as much as we planned for but we were a new business, we had enough time to make it work.

It was a slow decline, we never had enough customers coming through the door, we had a website and facebook page but I never knew about marketing it. The ‘build it and they will come’ mentality was killing the shop.

We had to borrow money to pay the bills, we couldn’t restock as much as we needed, we had to start stocking lower priced items to get sales, it was slowly turning into a nightmare.

By 2015 I was £95,000 in debt, had rent arrears, suppliers were chasing me for payment and I was stuck in the shop lease and couldn’t get out…. Every day I was getting in more debt.

​The stress was killing me, I hated the phone ringing as I knew it would be another angry supplier wanting payment, that sick feeling when you wake up in the morning and suddenly realizing you had to find ££ to pay, going bill to bill.

​The embarrassment when going out with friends and only being able to order a starter from the menu because I couldn’t afford anything else, always saying no to my daughter when she wanted something, the fights with my partner over money, always snapping at everyone as I was so stressed, working every hour and not getting anywhere.

​I could go on and on, it was a living hell and I lived like that for too long.

​So I turned to the internet for help, i discovered SEO and marketing, this was all new and exciting, a new world!

​I have learnt my ninja skills from some of the best SEO’s on the planet and am now pretty amazing at it. I love everything about digital marketing and although I am sad that my business failed it was the best thing that happened to me as it forced me to evolve and learn an amazing skill that will be able to help others.

​So welcome to the new world of Interactive Digital Marketing, you need to be part of this world or you are destined to fail.
So it is my mission to help as many people as I can to succeed, to avoid the nightmare that I went through, so please if you are struggling, or need help, or have just started on your own new business venture get in touch and see what I can offer you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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